Have You Ever Had “One of Those Quilts”

Have you had one of those quilts that starts out very pretty and by trying to increase the size of the quilt, you make it to where it is just OK? That is what happened to this quilt. I had to cut people out of the picture so that is why there are strange colors in the background. The recipient is a cancer patient.

Pink Star Quilt

Pink Star Quilt

I was trying to learn a new technique and so I used some fabric that had been hanging around for a few (many) years. The fabric was pretty enough but it was very dated and I did not have a whole bunch of the fabric. The stars turned out looking nice, but that was when the trouble began. I did not have enough fabric to make more than a baby sized quilt and I thought this was not very suitable for a baby (not modern enough) and it needed to be bigger. I then started trying to find some fabric in my stash that went with the colors that were in the black or pink fabric. Enter the gold, green and gray fabrics. Looking back, my gold was too dark and green too bright. I should have taken the time to go shopping, and I should have found a way to make the quilt bigger without making the setting squares so large. Sometimes you just have to scrap šŸ˜‰ the first idea and then come up with an alternate idea. In this case it probably would have made this quilt sparkle rather than just make it turn out to be an OK quilt. Here is the original block.

Pink Star

Pink Star

Have you had any experiences like this?

Happy quilting!



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