Fabric Happenings 4/26/15

Good morning, I worked some more on cutting for Avignon Picnic this week and I hope that I have enough cut out so I can finish the quilt pretty quickly. I cut two yards of background fabric for the Picnic quilt, what is not used for that will be quickly used for a different quilt. 2.5″ strips of background strips do not stay long. There were many small pieces of the focus fabrics that I just went ahead and cut down into strips and squares while I was cutting. Many of them were 7″ or less so not a lot of outage on them but they are not taking up room in my storage closet anymore and they will be much more likely to be used as strips. Here are the fabrics that were cut out that day. Missy was having a fit while I was taking this picture. She said “Terry, what are you doing?” I said I was taking a picture for the blog and she responded “you are not going to use those together are you, they do not look good together!” I couldn’t quilt laughing at that one. Thank goodness for friends that will tell you like it is.

batiks and 30s

Don’t worry, they are not being used in the same quilt

Saturday was a good day, Missy and Laura came over. We got one quilt quilted and had a whole lot of fun visiting. After we finished working, we went out for Mexican food for a reward.

Fabric out 4.29 yards
Fabric in 0 yards
Fabric out ytd: 60.32 yards
Fabric in ytd: 27.5 yards
Total 32.82 yards out

See Patchworktimes for additional stash reports.

Thanks for visiting and happy quilting!



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