I Need to Get Cracking!

I need to get busy if I am going to have anything on my design wall on Monday. I have been busy cutting some more parts for the Avignon Picnic quilt so hopefully I can sit down and sew most of it together without having to make more parts. It is an easy quilt that I can put together quickly for Quilts of Love because we are running out of the larger quilts.

Avignon Picnic by Andrea Harris

Find pattern here, picture of Andrea’s quilt from Moda’s Bakeshop

It is still hard for me to cut or quilt because of an ongoing problem with my foot, so I continue to piece. It is called Peroneal Tendonitis and basically means that walking or standing is painful. I do not do everything I should do to help it along because I have to walk, and I have to continue to work on quilts (would go crazy otherwise). Doc gave me a brace for it yesterday to stabilize it and said to use a heating pad. Hopefully it will be better in a month as he said, but what it really indicates is that I am getting old 🙂

Happy Quilting!



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