More Signs of Spring

My DH found a Robin’s nest in one of the bushes in our yard. The Robins built there last year, but the wind blew the nest out of the bush. The Robins built in a different bush and had babies that did fine. This year they built in a different location in the original bush. The nest was not found until after the babies had hatched.

Baby Robins

Hey Mom, whats for dinner?

While trying to get a picture, i shook a branch and they came to life. They were a hungry lot, all ready with their mouths open wanting food.

Really Mom, I am real hungry!

Really Mom, I am real hungry!

This one must have been real hungry, because long after the others had given up, it was still waiting not so patiently. I peeked at them later and they were all curled up asleep.

I did some more cutting today and I will have pictures on Sunday. I have company coming on Saturday to borrow my quilt machine, it should be fun. Tomorrow is Friday and I am so ready for this work week to be over.

Happy quilting!



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