Frogging, the Rest of the Story

Lori, from Dakota City Quilters, made a comment about a quilt that I started frogging in December of last year. She reminded me that I had not told the rest of the story. Sit back and get a cup/glass of your favorite beverage because this is pretty funny.

Frogging Mess - This is what happens when your tension is not correct

Frogging Quilting Mess

So you have heard me talk about Missy before and most of my good stories involve my good friend. Because of some things that were happening in Missy’s life at that time, her disposable income was very limited. I am always happy to share my fabric with Missy because she is my friend and that is what friends do. Well Missy decided she had to do something for me in exchange for the fabric. Well, I happened to be working on frogging that quilt. She decide she would take that quilt home and pull the stitches out. She said it would not take long because the stitches were bad, but I pointed out that not all of the stitching was bad in this quilt. Missy said it was okay, it would not take her long. Fast forward to the Saturday before last, she was telling me that she was still working off and on getting the stitching out of that quilt. I think that Missy is ready to throw the quilt out as my DH originally said needed to happen.

Rail Fence

Front of quilt

I think I can safely say I got the better end of that deal 🙂  Missy you are a good friend to take that horrible task on.

Keep on quilting!



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