I Should Have Taken The Hint

And quit while I was ahead. I came home for lunch today and tried to cut out some pieces for my Leapfrog quilt. I cut a stack at 2″ that should have been 2.5″. Okay, no problem, cut again at the right size. Everyone does that occasionally, right? Rolling along and cut another group wrong, this is really getting irritating, but it took one more try to finally say I do not need to be doing this right now. So I quit and read my book. A bad thing to do while you are at lunch….I’m just saying.

Fast forward to tonight. My sister called and while I am talking to her so I decide to sew some of the pieces that I did get cut out right during lunch. I should have known better, my seam ripper and I are going to get well acquainted. I am just glad that I did not get more cut out at lunch 😉

Some days are just that way!

Happy Quilting!



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