Working on Binding

I am working on getting the binding completed on the green double 4 patch. Quilting was completed the last week of February. I think that the binding will be finished soon and it will be ready to gift. I have two more quilts that are ready for binding so it looks like there is a lot of handwork in my future. Here is a picture of the green double 4 patch. If anyone has a suggestion for a name, I am open. This pattern is by Mollie Johnson if you would like to give it a spin. When you are making a quilt for use, do you hand stitch the binding or do you machine stitch the binding?

Double 4 Patch

Double 4 Patch

I hope you have a great week! I am so ready for spring!



3 thoughts on “Working on Binding

  1. I am terrible at naming quilts, and half the time I just don’t even bother. I had always hand stitched bindings until I joined a quilt group that makes quilts for people in nursing homes. They are washed often and with who knows what detergents, so we machine stitch those bindings. Now that I’m better at machine stitching bindings, I do them on most quilts that are going to be used.


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