Have to Love Arkansas Weather

As my office mate says “What the French Toast?” Saturday it was almost 80, Sunday night we got sleet. Monday nothing, Tuesday snow (I would guess a half inch). Wednesday and Thursday about 40 and warm enough that there is nothing on the roads anymore. Friday’s weather, sleet and ice are predicted. To finish it off Saturday it is supposed to be warm to be stormy. I have always heard if you don’t like the weather just wait around, it will change.

I hope you have a quilty week! There is nothing much going on here quilt wise. I guess I could start another top but I need/want to get a quilt off of the machine.  I have been having foot trouble preventing me from standing very long at a time making quilting hard 😦 Doc says I have a Peroneal tendon injury (getting old is hard on the body). It is getting better though and I hope to have the quilt off by the end of the week.



2 thoughts on “Have to Love Arkansas Weather

  1. That is wacky. We’ve barely had winter here, but our temps go from really warm to cool. Today was supposed to be one of those really warm days but it’s overcast, spitting raindrops, and really windy, so not my idea of a nice day. Hope your foot feels better soon.


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