Time Out Backing Repair Started

After I finished the Mock Trip to a flimsy and while I decide whether I want borders, I decided to get the Time Out quilt out of time out and get the backing repair started. Just looking at what I did makes me what to kick myself in the back end because I just needed to lay it out to see I had it turned wrong.

I cleaned up my mess from the Mock Trip (so I had room to work) and spread the quilt out so I could see how large of a piece I needed. Okay, I needed 5.5 inches to finish the quilt. Now to see how much fabric I have on each side. 8.5 inches on one side and 10.5 inches on the other. By the time I join the two pieces with a larger than normal seam allowance because I do not want it to pull apart, and leave enough on the side to be comfortable loading the quilt to finish quilting, I do not like the small amount left for loading the quilt back on the frame. Time to start digging, do I have a piece left so I can scavenge a piece. Why yes, yes I do. Big sigh of relief. I think I could have made it work by cutting a piece off of the sides, but now I do not have to worry about doing that. Cut a 12.5 inch piece, overkill I am sure, and it is time to sew this puppy together, finish the quilt on the machine and get this one loaded and finished.

Happy quilting!



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