It’s a Finish Design Wall

Well I was hoping to get this finished on Saturday before the bad weather rolled into town so I could get a picture outside in the sunshine. No such luck, but it is done today, thanks to a day off due to inclement weather. The Mock Trip is a flimsy. I am not sure whether I will add borders to the top. The unanimous choice was for the asymmetrical design and I love it! Thanks to everyone who helped me decide on that layout!

mock trip flimsy

mock trip flimsy

I hope the weather is not to bad where you live. We got about 2 inches of sleet with a little freezing rain thrown in for good measure. I have lived in places where that would not shut down a city, but they just don’t have much removal equipment here because it is a once or twice a year event.

out the door

out the door

See the beautiful quilts being shown over at Patchworktimes on Design Wall Monday.

Happy quilting!



3 thoughts on “It’s a Finish Design Wall

  1. I love your quilt, and agree the design is just right for it. Sorry about your weather. That’s our typical weather too and it generally shuts us down too. Our area had snow two years in a row, which is so unusual that’s it’s the first time I’ve seen real snow here. It shut down most of Dallas and Fort Worth so they decided to invest in some heavy machinery. It will probably never snow more than an inch for the next twenty-five years either.


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