Time Out Quilt

I was so happy when I loaded the Jewel Box quilt on the machine. I was finally going to finish this quilt. A very long time was spent contemplating how the quilt was going to be quilted. After I decided, I changed my mind and thought I would do a different design. I kept thinking it needed to be quilted with something that had some soft curves rather than more square corners. It sat and waited for me to start but I kept putting it off. I finally realized that the quilt was just not happy with my decision on the quilting design. I decided to go with my original plan to use the spiral square pantograph on the quilt. Imagine my disgust when I got all the way to the end of the quilt to discover this. See bottom left.

Time Out Quilt

Time Out Quilt

I had evidently turned my backing the wrong way and it was too short for my quilt. I am sure that I know what I did, but that does not make me feel any better about it happening and will reinforce that I should measure, not assume that I know that I have the quilt turned the right way. Now the quilt has been named. Want to know the new name? Why Time Out of course, because it is in time out while I kick myself in that place that it is very hard to reach while doing it to yourself. I am now in the process of telling myself that I need to get that strip sewn to the bottom of the quilt and get it loaded back on the quilt machine and get it finished.

Happy quilting everyone! Remember do not do like I did and assume you have the backing turned right. Learn from my mistake, measure to make sure 🙂



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