I Do Not Web Quilts

While I am in the process of putting together my Double 4 Patch I think about the different way that quilt tops are put together. There are some that web the top together in long rows and then somehow sew those rows together. While this is a great way to put the top together, this does not work for me. I absolutely hate sewing long rows together, so I work differently when sewing a top together. I join two blocks, then four blocks and so on.

Double 4 Patch

Double 4 Patch

In the picture above, you can see how I join the quilt. This quilt is 7X9, across the first row, I would sew two blocks together, two blocks together and three blocks together. When I have the first 2 rows sewn together I will sew them into a four patch another four patch and then a set of blocks that are three by two. I hope you can see well enough to understand how I sew the top together. If you have questions, feel free to ask.

Keep Quilting,



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