What’s Going On In My World

Today I am trying to get these blocks turned into a double 4 patch flimsy. My day started out by creating a design wall. This was done by hanging a sheet from a quilt hanger in my hall. From there I put all the blocks on the wall and then rearranged and here is the result. In my effort to use all of my fabric no matter the age, this has some very old pieces mixed in with some newer pieces. I think they make a nice mix and that they add interest to the quilt. Please do not burst my bubble by saying they look bad. Besides, maybe someday the fabric will confuse someone who is trying to date a quilt.

Double 4 Patch

I might add this was done without having to crawl around on the tile floor. My body thanks me for that 🙂 When finished, this quilt is slated for Quilts of Love.

I think my next QoL project is going to be a Mock Trip Around the World. I like the asymmetrical layout and my husband likes the traditional. Which do you prefer?

Asymmetrical Mock Trip

Asymmetrical Mock Trip

Mock Trip

Mock Trip

You can see some fabulous quilts over at patchworktimes.

Keep quilting 🙂



6 thoughts on “What’s Going On In My World

  1. Your blue quilt IS pretty. I love a quilt with a mix of fabrics old and new. In fact, I’ve made some like that! I like the asymmetrical layout–and I’m a symmetrical gal. Either way it’s going to work and I like the color scheme too.


  2. Chantal says:

    Simple blocks and yet it makes a very pretty quilt. Love blue quilts.
    I am hand quilting an asymmetrical quilt myself so I will vote for the asymmetrical layout just because it is different. ;^)


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