Stash Usage Report

Well this day did not start out like it should have, I way overslept. I took a Zyrtec last night and I did not wake up until 10 this morning. This is normally the time when Sunday School is starting at my church, but we had freezing rain and a little ice this morning. So fortunately for me, having overslept, Sunday School was canceled for this morning. The freezing rain turned to rain and I had time to get my act together and get to church services on time. I obviously did not have time to do my stash report before leaving for church.

On to the stash report. The usage just kind of fell into my lap yesterday. A friend and her husband stopped by, and when they got ready to leave she said she needed to go to Hancock’s. She miscalculated how much white on white she needed to make a quilt she was working on so she needed to get some more fabric. I said I probably had enough in my stash closet (there is no probably to it) to get her the fabric she needed without having to go to the store. So, without further adieu, here are my numbers.

Fabric out this week 2.5 yards

Fabric in 0 (yay)

Fabric out ytd: 3 yards

Fabric in ytd: 6 yards

Total 3 yards in

See Patchworktimes for additional stash reports.

Keep quilting 🙂



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