Working on Multiple Quilts at the Same Time

Do you work on multiple quilts? This is something I tend to do when quilting. It takes organization, which I struggle with at times. Those times when I have it all together are worth the extra work required to be able to work on two different quilts. Right now, I am working on three to four quilts, but before you get all gaga on me,let me explain my madness 🙂 I use the leader ender process that I see used on many websites. The first time I remember seeing it was on Bonnie Hunter’s site. Right now I am working on two quilts for quilts of love, one quilt getting ready for a BOM, and one quilt when I am out of pieces for any of the other three quilts.

Quilt one is the Easy Double Four Patch by Mollie Johnson. Quilt two is the Strip Twist by Bonnie Hunter. Quilts three and four are not important for this discussion except to say they sometimes get moved to the front of the line because I am out of pieces for the other two quilts and I do not want to cut any more. I am not to lazy to cut more, please let me believe my little white lie. Or maybe this is where my disorganization comes into play, because I have not cut more before I need more.

The double four patch is being made with assorted blues and neutrals and the strip twist is completely scrappy. I have a system that I use to make it easier to have parts for both quilts quickly. I sew 2.5″ strip sets that are long enough to cut a couple of pieces for the double four patch and at least one for the strip twist quilt. When I finish the double four patch, I will have blue and neutrals strips to go into the strip twist quilt. All you have to do is crosscut your blue and neutral strip set by 2.5″ and by around 9″. The 9″ crosscut will give room to sew to another strip set and square up. I have an example of how I do the crosscut.

web cutting example

The first cut is for the double four patch and the second cut is for the strip twist quilt. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Keep Quilting 🙂



One thought on “Working on Multiple Quilts at the Same Time

  1. I usually have four quilts going. One, the main one I guess. Two, a leaders and enders. Three, paper piecing that I do on trips and waiting rooms, four, hand quilting a finished quilt. You’re right, it does take some organization, but at least there is always something to work on.


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