Off The Machine

For the most part, there has not been too much on my design wall as of late. What I have been doing is working on quilting some items. Here is one of those items. Before you judge me to harshly on this, just remember back to when you first started quilting. For me it was probably 15 years (or more) ago when I first started making quilts. I saw this quilt that someone else had made and thought that did not look too hard, I think I can do that. Well I did, and I must say it is not the most attractive quilt I have ever made. It was before there was much selection in cotton fabric and there were not any quilting stores that catered to quilters. These days, I would go in and at least make the colors more to my liking, but back then, I did not think that much out of the box (boy have things have changed). 

So after many years, it was time for this to be quilted. I am trying to learn how to do freehand feathers and I thought this would be a good one to practice learning. So in all its glory, here it is. Some of it doesn’t look to bad and some of it does, but it is better than sitting in my closet unfinished. Now I just need to get a binding on this one. Sorry for the less than stellar picture.

Amish Diamond

Go see Judy’s page for more impressive design walls 🙂

Keep quilting,



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