Jelly Roll Quilts

Hi, this is Missy.  Have you ever been in the middle of a large or complicated quilt and just needed to take a break and make a super quick, fun quilt?  I was in that position just a couple of months ago.  I made my daughter and her husband a quilt for their first Christmas together, it was large and had so many hst that it wasn’t even funny.  I was also having a lot of trouble with my sewing machine and fought that thing through most of the construction.  That being said, I was in need of some immediate gratification in the worst kind of way, so I took the midwinters red jelly roll, I bought from The Missouri Star Quilt company, and made a jelly roll quilt.  It was fast, it’s cute, and my first serious attempt at free motion quilting.  I’m posting a picture of the jelly roll quilt and closeups of the quilting along with a picture of the quilt for my daughter.

20141013_204019[1]Mid Winters Red 2Mid Winters Red 1

This is the my daughters quilt.



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