The Sadness Of Loss

Yesterday one of our church members was buried. He was a wonderful man and an example of how all spouses should treat each other. He and his wife had been married 63 (I believe) but the love that you saw between him and his wife was still evident. I know that he is in a better place now, but that does not totally mitigate the sadness that those who knew him feel. He was a recipient of Quilts of Love but he never got to see the quilt. His wife tried to give the quilt back because he never got to use it. She said that it could go to someone else who needed it. I was flabbergasted that at her time of loss that her concern was that she had a quilt that needed to be given back to us. I told her to wrap herself in the quilt and know that she was loved. We will miss Brother Bill very much.

Road to Camp Gravatt

Road to Camp Gravatt, Pattern by Bonnie Hunter

The quilt was made with the Road to Camp Gravatt pattern by Bonnie Hunter.

Keep Quilting,



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