What Would You Do?

Many, many years ago when I first got my quilting machine I created this mess.

Quilting Mess

Quilting Mess

Well as you can imagine, I was very disgusted and shoved it back in a closet never to be seen again, or so I thought. Fast forward to a week or so ago, I was looking for quilts to use as covers for my brother whom was visiting. I pulled this out of the closet and took it to quilts of love so I could trim it and put it to use covering someone with love. Obviously I did not trim the quilt because there was something seriously wrong. See picture above if you need a clue. Well I showed it to my DH and he said to throw it out. Oh, how I wish I could do that, but instead I am in the process of pulling out all of the bad stitching and I will quilt it, again, and I will bind it, then it can serve it’s purpose and cover someone with the love of Jesus.

Rail Fence

Not the prettiest but it will make someone happy

Now you do not have to tell me this is not a pretty quilt, I already know that. You also don’t have to tell me that the material that the quilt is made of is likely not all cotton, but a cotton/poly blend. I also know there is someone out there who will get a blessing out of being given this quilt. So I will continue to pull the stitching out so I can quilt the quilt all over again. I must say that my quilting has greatly improved since quilting this quilt.
So my question to you, what would you do? Would you throw it out, pull the stitching out, or bind it as is and just let the person receiving the quilt know that it is going to fall apart eventually? Inquiring minds want to know, so tell me what would you do??

Keep Quilting,



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