I Almost Caved

Did you see the fabric that Missouri Star Quilt Co. had for their daily deal.  It was enough to make this country girl go, Oh My! I thought and I justified and I tried to get it as a gift for a gift exchange that we have, to late there. So I thought and tried to get myself to order it and in the end I just had to walk away. I already had fabric, (enough to start my own store) and I had jelly rolls that had not been used yet. This would have gone great with one that I had previously purchased. See, I am still trying to justify after the sale has gone off. So as I sit here and console myself with a pop-tart that I really need, I am happy that thread does not count in the stash report otherwise I would be in trouble. That I blame on my reading Jo’s blog and seeing all of the thread she bought.

I also almost caved at Hancock’s on Friday while shopping with my mother. I had a basket full of fabric, but after standing in line for 30 minutes and not moving, I am happy to say that I left the store without any fabric purchase. What about you, did you purchase any black Friday fabric? And just because no post is very good without eye candy, here is a quilt that I trimmed at Quilts Of Love yesterday. This is called Streak of Sunshine, a free pattern by Bonnie Hunter. Now I just need to get the borders duh binding on the quilt.

streak of sunshine quilt pattern by Bonnie Huner

Quilts of Love

So, nothing in and nothing out this week. I have used around 120 yards this year and I have bought way more than I care to count. Go to Judy’s blog to see more stash reports.

PS….Missy where are you 🙂

Keep Quilting,



One thought on “I Almost Caved

  1. Dee Dee says:

    It takes a lot of willpower to walk away from a cart full of fabric. Every once in a while we all need to re-stash our collection of fabric a bit here and there.


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