Quilts of Love Recipients

Here are some of the folks Terry and I, and the other ladies in our ministry, have been privileged to give a quilt.

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Jelly Roll Quilts

Hi, this is Missy.  Have you ever been in the middle of a large or complicated quilt and just needed to take a break and make a super quick, fun quilt?  I was in that position just a couple of months ago.  I made my daughter and her husband a quilt for their first Christmas together, it was large and had so many hst that it wasn’t even funny.  I was also having a lot of trouble with my sewing machine and fought that thing through most of the construction.  That being said, I was in need of some immediate gratification in the worst kind of way, so I took the midwinters red jelly roll, I bought from The Missouri Star Quilt company, and made a jelly roll quilt.  It was fast, it’s cute, and my first serious attempt at free motion quilting.  I’m posting a picture of the jelly roll quilt and closeups of the quilting along with a picture of the quilt for my daughter.

20141013_204019[1]Mid Winters Red 2Mid Winters Red 1

This is the my daughters quilt.


Working on BOM

Missy and I are working on getting a BOM together. I think it will be a fun quilt once we get all of the directions completed. I don’t feel comfortable sharing all of the details yet but keep an eye out and I will keep you posted as details become available.

Keep Quilting 🙂


The Sadness Of Loss

Yesterday one of our church members was buried. He was a wonderful man and an example of how all spouses should treat each other. He and his wife had been married 63 (I believe) but the love that you saw between him and his wife was still evident. I know that he is in a better place now, but that does not totally mitigate the sadness that those who knew him feel. He was a recipient of Quilts of Love but he never got to see the quilt. His wife tried to give the quilt back because he never got to use it. She said that it could go to someone else who needed it. I was flabbergasted that at her time of loss that her concern was that she had a quilt that needed to be given back to us. I told her to wrap herself in the quilt and know that she was loved. We will miss Brother Bill very much.

Road to Camp Gravatt

Road to Camp Gravatt, Pattern by Bonnie Hunter

The quilt was made with the Road to Camp Gravatt pattern by Bonnie Hunter.

Keep Quilting,



Hi, my name is Missy, I am married, have four children, and believe in the sovereignty of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I live in central Arkansas and work alongside my dear friend Terry in our ministry, Quilts of Love.  I’ve been quilting for many years and recently began (thanks to Terry) longarm quilting.  Yep, I’ve been bitten by that bug and am considering quilting for the public.  I’ll post pictures of a jellyroll quilt on the machine when it’s finished along with a work in progress.  Happy quilting

Are You an Adventurous Quilter

I am not an adventurous quilter. I am always afraid that I will mess things up so I stick with stuff I know how to do. Every great once in a while I will branch out and try something new when I am quilting. Most of the time I use a pantograph because they are safe and I know I can follow them. When I first started quilting, I was adventurous but somewhere along the line, I started being a safe quilter. My feathers were not perfect, my swirls could be improved. I worried what if someone does not like the quilting, even though I was quilting for myself. I guess the greatest hurdle is I spent all of this time creating the top, I do not want to mess it up now. I am going to work hard to break out of that box next year. So are you an adventurous quilter or are you more like me?

I have also discovered I am not to adventurous when it come to piecing. I can look at most patterns and break it down because I have been quilting so long. I can do triangles, squares, curves and flight 54-40 blocks. There are two things that I had never tried, paper piecing and applique. About this time last year, I decided it was time to master those two things. Well, I never realized how reluctant I had become to trying something new. I purchased the Moonglow pattern, and received an applique pattern for Christmas. I delayed starting on either pattern for a very long time. I finally convinced myself (with a lot of nudging from Missy) to start the Moonglow. I had to make a test block to make sure that I got it right because I had never done any paper piecing. Then I made the block with the fabric I received in the kit. That was at the end of October. I think that might be why I am in a slump, I am not giving myself the freedom to make what I want to and I am trying to force myself to make the Moonglow quilt. I know I will love it when it is completed and I also know that I am making a mountain out of a mole hill, but that is where I am at today. I think tomorrow I will make myself cut out the pattern, (that is a BIG stumbling block) and then I will be whipping out the blocks in no time (I hope) 🙂

Here are my blocks, made since October, back on my Design Wall. Please forgive my bad photography skills, all of the points are really there, but neither is perfect. Check out Judy’s blog for design walls that are super!

block 1 sampleblock 1 compressed

Until next time. Keep quilting!